Saturday, July 12, 2014

Around Here Lately

Lots of little 'stuff' going on around here these days. 

June started taking swim lessons. Michael and I had been talking about how it was time to get serious about June learning to swim. She's taken little group lessons at the YMCA but she never seemed to come away with anything (other than a debilitating fear of Humpty Dumpty, due to a game of the kids 'falling off the wall' by going under water). 

A friend asked if we wanted to go in on some private lessons (with two other girls, who June is friends with) and we jumped at the chance.

I'm really shocked at the transformation. I'm not sure if there was just a large developmental shift since last year, but June is all about going under these days. I'm shocked that the behavior I'm most concerned about isn't a refusal to try anything, and is instead a tendency to bossily declare "I want to go first!

I have praised how brave she is to go under and she asked, "Like Humpty Dumpty?" so obviously the association/trauma is still there. 

Judy came to visit us while Michael went to Vegas for a bachelor party. While he might have been off at a posh pool party at the Encore resort, we had our own pool party at a little community pool. 

Sure, Michael might have had more cocktails, but did he have a mushroom water fountain to play in?! Doubtful.

And thus, we push off the inevitable weekend where one of us is alone with the two kids for the first time. It will most likely be Michael who is first initiated, though, since I have a wedding that I'm attending with friends coming up. 

The garden is doing great. We've eaten countless teeny strawberries and have had more garden-grown caprese salad than we can quantify. The giant sunflowers have been decapitated and are now drying out so we can harvest the seeds.

The watermelon plant just keeps expanding. One of the watermelons had gotten to be a good size and seemed to stop growing. Since I don't know what kind of watermelons these are, I wasn't sure if they'd grow to be big or if they were supposed to be little individual watermelons. So we picked one...and found out that it was not, in fact, ripe.

By the time I ran to grab my  phone to take a picture, I came back to find Michael fingering the melon. And you can quote me on that! 

We tried a bite (tasted like the rind, sort of) and determined to let the other watermelons grow more.

We're also trying out some new techniques trying to get Bennett to sleep longer. I'll report back and let you know how it goes!

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