Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Frozen Themed Party

Let's just say that the bar has been set for birthday parties, guys.

We went to the birthday party of one of June's classmates two weekends ago and the only way I can top it is to arrange for an all expenses paid trip for her whole class to go to Hawaii.

It was Frozen themed, and I'll start if off by saying that there were princesses involved.

Face painting princesses.

Elsa was slightly tanner than I remember her being in the movie, but her braid was on point.

There was also organized dancing, a 'snowball' fight, playing with a parachute, a snow cone maker, wagon rides and cake. Glorious cake.

June was so excited to be standing next to the princesses that this is the best shot I could get. She would not take her hands down from her face.

This was the weekend that Michael went out of town (for a bachelor party to Las Vegas!) and Judy was in town to visit/save me and the kids. Judy was so wonderful to help keep an eye on June and help with Bennett during this long, sunny birthday party.

Guess I'll start saving up for Hawaii now. 

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