Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Staying Connected

While I was in Phoenix, Michael and I made the effort to keep the other one aware of what we were up to. We Facetimed almost every night, which allowed me to have nice conversations. Some were cute (when I asked her why her classmate bit her, she said, "Maybe because she's not my best friend.") to the serious (me telling her that, no, it's not okay to continue jumping in the bounce house at the school BBQ after Daddy has said it's time to go. And then to continue jumping while laughing as he continues to tell her to get out.)

Michael sent me updates on my two babies: June and the Garden.

(The sunflowers bloomed while I was gone!)

(Our first true crop of cherry tomatoes ripened!)

(June turned into a teenager.)

And had some backyard pool adventures with a friend.

I sent him some, too. Like the go-to Bennett sleeping pic:

And of Bennett with his cousin, Kai.

We also Facetimed while we were with Kai and poor June was so jealous and sad that she wasn't there in Arizona with us. 

So while it was tough being apart for a full week, at least there were some things we could do to feel close!

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  1. Tell Junebug that her grandfather was doubly envious....I couldn't be in either AZ or CA....so I get to follow everyone's exploits through your blogs....I love you all, AD