Monday, June 2, 2014

McKinley Park Farmers Market

We had the best Saturday this past weekend. 

We decided to check out the new McKinley Park Farmers Market in the morning, and we opted to walk the mile-plus it would take to get there. We weren't sure that June could make that kind of distance (especially on the way home since it'd be warm and she'd be tired) so we decided to head out with two strollers for the first time since Bennett was born. 

(We don't have a double stroller. I've considered getting one, but it's hard for me to justify the cost when I know how much June loves to walk. I'm not sure if she has ridden in a stroller once in the past 6 months.)

I was IN HEAVEN on the walk there. Bennett fell asleep and I could just absorb my surroundings. It was warm in the sun, cool in the shade of the billion trees lining the streets. The hydrangea has exploded around here and it seems like every third house has at least one bush of it. 

June now knows what hydrangea are, and how to pronounce them, since I pointed them out so often. She also knows roses, daisies and dandelions. I'm afraid I can't help her know more flowers than that because it's about the limit of my own floral knowledge. 

I love our neighborhood. Every street is lined with trees and every house is so unique. There are little brick cottages with ivy creeping up the sides, quaint craftsmans, colonials. An orange tudor that June calls the basketball house.

The streets were crowded with joggers, walkers, families, dogs and bicyclists.

We went to the little farmer's market. It's cute and an awfully wonderful location, so I'm hoping they can stay running and maybe attract more vendors. 

Michael had actually already been on a run in the area earlier that morning and mentioned that there was a second grouping of tents, so we wondered if there was a second farmer's market.

Nope. Dog Festival. 

June was thrilled to get to see so many dogs, and some of them wearing clothes! (June's still a little scared of dogs sometimes. She adores them from afar and wants to approach them, but as soon as they get within arm's distance she gets anxious. It was nice with her in the stroller - and with so many dogs around - because they all seemed to ignore her in the excitement.)

We walked through the tents, the obstacle course and the activities, including a Pet Psychic which I am still curious about. Do dogs have much in their futures? I mean, beyond continued walks and feedings? Or are they translating the dog's thoughts into human speak?

Then we set up camp and had a picnic by the pond.

The squirrels were not at all afraid of us and in fact had us surrounded at times. Afterward we let June run around and chase them until they stopped running, turned and assumed aggressive stances. Then we hurried away lest we be overpowered.

Bennett woke up in time to hang out at the picnic and also peacefully watch while June played on the playground. After a quick feeding, we packed up and made the walk home. 

After naps we went out to dinner at Mikuni, a sushi restaurant in Midtown. Bennett was awake through edamame and fell asleep in the Moby just as the real food was served - perfect timing. Except that I feel guilty when I drop a little rice on his head and have to pick it off. And then eat it.  

So anyway, it was a top morning and then a top night.

In other words, I'm really loving Sacramento.

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