Thursday, June 5, 2014

Garden Update

Our garden has gotten pretty crazy in the past month and a half since I posted about it. Or at least as crazy as gardens can go, which is to say, not very. We were at a Memorial Day gathering with some neighbor friends and I found myself totally into a conversation with a guy about our gardens. And that's when I knew I was a grown up. 

So, the garden at one month of age:

The garden at two and a half months:





(Those sad two on the right were transplanted from other spots because I'm neurotic and wanted them to be evenly spaced, but also wanted to choose the fittest looking ones. And now I have sad Marigolds.)

And to give an idea of how big our sunflowers have grown, I give you this:

They tower over me now. The biggest one might be eight feet high. And they're still growing. I'm starting to seriously side-eye my own choice of planting "American Giant" sunflowers. Who would have known that little seeds would grow into this...and they aren't even fully mature yet!

They have flower heads on them, though! Each one is about the size of my fist.

Our watermelon is also doing well, and was also transplanted but survived the trauma. I pulled out the parsley to give it some room, but it's still going to end up going over the edges of the raised bed.

The tomato plant is taking over the place. June loves to come out and "check out the plants" with me and she always comments that "X is doing good!" Something could be shriveled and brown and she would enthusiastically say it was doing good. 

We've had two tomatoes ripen way ahead of the rest of them, and I have to say they were delicious! Can't wait for the rest of them to ripen...then we'll be eating nothing but caprese salad for weeks. (Curse you, slugs, for eating my basil plant!!)

Our compost bin was becoming pretty full, so I bought another one. We're going to the system where you let one full batch sit and cook for a while until it turns into compost while you use the other bin to add new ingredients to. If you just kept adding things to the original, it would never all be broken down enough to be usable compost. 

My almost-full bin and my compost thermometer! (I officially drank the kool-aid. At least I stopped short of ordering a pitchfork and machete on Amazon - for use in composting, of course.)

(Although that's the only time I've held myself back. I accidentally got an Amazon Prime membership so everything ships in two days for free and I can't stop buying things please help.)

Speaking of strange things I bought on Amazon, the worms arrived today! (Seriously, send help.)

June did not believe me that worms were in the box that arrived on the doorstep and I sure showed her. "Ewww!" she said, but when I asked if she wanted to help me put them in the compost bin, she had her Crocs on in a flash.

I put about a third of them in the compost bin and two thirds directly in the garden. Hope they like their new home! 

I wonder if they sell a worm-sized 'Welcome' sign on Amazon....

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