Thursday, June 26, 2014

For All In-Tents and Purposes

When it's cool enough and when there is time, I will walk to pick the kids up from daycare. Lately I've even thrown June's little tricycle on top of the stroller so she can ride her bike home. On those days we take a long way home since she loves riding her bike so much.

I love these walks. I sing songs. June stops her bike and collects leaves to put in her 'trunk.' Bennett chews on his fingers or squeals. Sometimes June needs a little push up the hills, so I'm awkwardly hunched over trying to push her with one hand and the stroller with the other, not letting them hit each other or any cars parked along the street.

Another new post-school activity happened the other day. Michael had to work that evening so I was going to be home alone with the kids. At about 7:30 PM he received a text from me with the following picture, saying "THIS IS HAPPENING."

You see, I had another incident of buying-all-the-things-on-Amazon. We have a little vacation coming up where we hope to have at least one beach day. After our last trip to San Diego we realized how important it was to have some kind of shade-generator, especially when you have a kid at the beach. Now with an infant, it was even more important to me to be able to have some kind of refuge from the sun.

So I looked around at all kinds of sun shades and umbrellas and finally decided on this little tent. It's called the Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade. There are a lot of similar products but I picked this one because of the reviews, the price and because it has a 'door.' Most of these little tents were built to provide shade but they aren't full tents. This one can zip closed, meaning that you could theoretically change clothes inside in privacy, and it's even big enough that one adult and June could sleep in it if we wanted to! (We do want to.)

June waited (semi-) patiently while I assembled the thing and then we spent the rest of the evening inside. We even had a picnic breakfast in it the next morning! 

I'm glad we did one trial run...that should make it even easier for me to assemble this thing once we get on the beach. (And I'm sure that June would be open for another trial before then, too!)

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