Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Father's Day

Father's Day was pretty subdued this year. It was a pretty hectic weekend. Bennett and I flew back into Sacramento on Saturday afternoon. Michael and June picked us up at the airport, we made a quick pitstop at home to drop off expressed breast milk and repack the diaper bag, and headed immediately out to a classmate's birthday party.

(It was so fun, by the way. Swimming, grilling out, packs of preschoolers, ice cream cake.)

 So June and I didn't have a chance to go out to buy some fancy breakfast items. Instead, we spent some early (early!) morning hours snuggling in bed.

Then ate a pretty uneventful breakfast. But after a little more relaxing around the house, we went out for a late brunch at one of our favorite midtown restaurants, Zocalo.

I felt bad that we didn't do anything very exciting, but I had been telling Michael to think of things he might want to do that day earlier in the week. 

He said then, and on Sunday, that after the go-go-go of taking care of June by himself, he was looking forward to a quiet day at home with all of us reunited.

Which is what he got! Happy Father's Day, Michael! And to my own beloved Dad!

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