Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cousin Encounter

When Bennett and I were in Phoenix, he finally got a chance to meet his Uncle JP and cousin Kai. 

Bennett, Kai, JP, Mom and I went out to dinner and then went over to JP's new place to check it out. 

We had a lot to catch up on...the last time I saw Kai was around New Years, and JP had just gotten back from a Caribbean vacation!

As usual, Bennet just sort of hung out on my lap for a while, then I put him in the Moby right before our food came out. 

Bennett made a move on JP's beer. Mom wanted me to be sure that if I posted this picture, that I made absolutely clear that Bennett did NOT actually have any beer to drink that night.

But Margarita Night in the hot tub later that week was another story!

After getting the tour of JP's new place, we relaxed with a drink and then Kai challenged me to a little one-on-one soccer among the boxes. 

Actually it was two-on-one since Bennett was in the Moby at the time. Bennett was not a major contributor to our team, though.

I'm so glad we got to see each other while I was in town. Here's hoping they can come out to visit us in Sacramento some time!

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