Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bumps and Bruises

I just got back from a week-long trip to Phoenix and I've got all those feels associated with it...overjoyed at seeing Michael and June again, tired from the long work-heavy trip, missing my mom. But before I post some blog posts about that time, back to the Thursday before last.

I was working at home when I got a call around noon from June's daycare. Anyone who's had a kid in daycare knows that getting a call in the middle of the day is never good news. My heart just sank and my first thought was, "Which one is it?"

It was June. She had fallen hard on the blacktop of the playground and the director of the school wasn't sure if she needed stitches or not. Immediately my mind goes to open gashes, gushing blood, etc. I teleported to the school and held my little girl.

(I have to say that, as terrible as it was, I also feel some happiness at how relieved she seemed to be when I blasted through the door. She still cried, but she sort of magnetically zoomed to me as I zoomed to her and it just felt so mother-y at the moment. So mom-y. So mommy.)

There were some cuts around her nose, which caused bleeding, which June saw, which led to more hysterics.

The director of the school was also slightly worried about her having a concussion since after hitting her head, June apparently sort of slumped over. She also reported that her pupils were uneven in size. 

So I called my medical provider and they suggested just taking her to the ER to be sure. While I drove there, I called Michael to give him an update. He asked me to take a picture of June to show him how bad it was.

Now by the time we got to the ER, June was in pretty good spirits. I had told her that we might stop and get ice cream to make her feel better and she was chatting merrily away about what flavor of sprinkles she would get. But when I told her that I was going to take a picture to send to Daddy, this is what she contorted her face into:

Her ability to lay it on thick was encouraging. 

We admitted within 3 minutes and June again was happily talking about all the stuff she was seeing. 

None of the cuts needed stitches but they did get cleaned up. And she might have gotten a small concussion, but there wasn't anything to be done about it. So with a clean bill of health (or as clean as it could be) we headed home. I couldn't bear taking her back to school after everything. 

So June got some ice cream at home, complete with sprinkles.  

It was then naptime so Mommy could still make a 2:00 phone meeting. (Couldn't believe how quickly we were in and out of the ER!)

My poor Junebug. 

But she's doing fine. Today - a week and a half later - the cuts are still visible but are definitely healing. Here she was at the airport today, coincidentally wearing the same dress.

Actually, not so coincidentally. June's all about the dresses these days, so she wears the same ones over and over again. My girly girl. My tough girly girl.

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  1. Poor sweetie! It's amazing what troopers these little ones can be when hurt though! I am completely baffled that you were in and out of the ER so quickly, and completely jealous. We've spent way too many hours there! So happy Junebug is well!