Monday, May 12, 2014

Pottery Painting with Bennett

A couple of weeks ago, Bennett and I went to a pottery painting place in town. I searched for one of those chain places (like As You Wish) figuring that surely Sacramento had one. Maybe I wasn't searching the right way, but I couldn't find one! Instead, I ended up at a locally owned and operated place called Alpha Fired Arts, which I adored. They are a large space that isn't just devoted to pottery painting, they have a full clay studio, ceramics classes, supplies store and I assume many other things. Pottery painting is just a small part of what they do. 

I was actually the only person there painting pottery, but there were lots of other people milling around, discussing art and projects. I'm not sure if they were all employees, or if they were just 'regulars,' but they were are so nice and familiar with each other, laughing and chatting away. 

The woman who showed me around was so sweet, was charmed by Bennett and helped me when it was time to get his foot prints.

They also got a kick out of the Moby wrap and how happily sleepy Bennett was the whole time inside. (This was before he started his short-napping schedule.) Although I did paint most of the piece while standing and bouncing back and forth, holding the owl bank in one hand and the brush in the other.

So June has a piggy bank that has her footprints on it. (See blog post HERE.) I thought we'd do a bank for Bennett but once we got there, there were lots of bank options. The pigs were cute, but I thought it might be cute for Bennett to have his own animal, and the owl kind of fit with his outdoorsy/mountaineer nursery theme.

And of course I was impatiently awaiting the time when we could go pick up the finished product!

We're keeping it on top of the mantle right now until the novelty wears off. June's a little too interested in it and we're trying to keep this little guy intact as long as possible.

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