Thursday, May 1, 2014

Laces Out!

The other day Michael got off work, so we had a little daytime date with me, him and Gentle Ben. 

We got lunch in Midtown (is there such a thing as post-partum cravings? Because I've been wanting to eat all of the french fries lately) and walked around some of the cute shops. We got a Nutella crepe and just enjoyed the time. Bennett has been having these shorter naps, so he won't always sleep through a whole outing like he used to. This means that we normally pull him out of the Moby to just hang out at the table with us, awake and happy. I really enjoy it. (I'm sure I wouldn't be as charmed if he was crying the whole time. Fingers crossed we keep our luck.)

Then we went to Target. Once you've had a preschooler (I honestly just had to look up what term to use because 'toddler' doesn't seem to fit anymore. Can't believe I have a preschooler already!) on errands, suddenly being on errands with an infant is like a vacation in the Bahamas. I've taken Bennett to Target on my own a few times and I will just walk the aisles, him tucked in the Mobes, doing the browsing that I never get to do with June. What is this? I can just...look at clothes?

Not that I can't look at clothes with June. But as soon as I take the time to find a size, by the time I've turned around, June is gone, I start saying her name with increasing panic in my voice, and then her giggling comes from inside a rack of clothes nearby. So...not conducive to making a lot of fashion finds. 

And yes, I'm embarrassed to be admitting that my "finding fashions" is occurring at Target, but give me a break. I just got done being pregnant, and sometimes it's hard enough to get the vital errands in, much less the non-essential ones. If they found a way for the mall to have a produce section, maybe I could get some better me-shopping in.

Actually, probably not. I don't know where to shop anymore. I feel like I'm at an age/style where I'm either too old or too young for all of the options out there. How am I supposed to dress these days? Isn't there something in between crop tops and pant suits? 

I feel like this blog entry has gotten off track.

Anyway, we had a lovely daytime date with Bennett in tow and picked June up early from school. The end!

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