Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Elsa and Rapunzel Yarn Hair

I've undertaken a new sewing project. I'm trying to make a Princess Elsa dress for June, which is proving harder and harder to get the motivation to complete. In part because the fabric is really hard to work with, and in part because late night tantrums have me wondering why I'd spend my precious hour before exhaustion hits sweating over a sewing machine instead of with a glass of wine on the couch. 

So last weekend, with the dressmaking stalled, I got to work on a smaller project that was much quicker to complete. I wanted to make an Elsa braid to go with the dress. I knew June would love it because she is always wanting to play with my hair and drape it over my shoulder like Elsa wears it. 

To make the braid, I bought one package of very light yellow yarn from Hobby Lobby. I figured that the light yellow could work for Elsa hair, but it could also work for Rapunzel hair. 

I measured out how long the braid should be and added on a few inches since braiding hair shortens the length. It just so happened that the total length of my "hair" was the distance around the four legs of one of our kitchen table chairs. So I flipped the chair over onto the table and wound the yarn in a big circle around the four legs until I had a nice thick layer of yarn. 

I cut the yarn at one point and looped the yarn around one of those stretchy headbands on the other side. 

I secured it to the headband with a single piece of yard, then braided the whole thing and tied it off again. 

June had watched me make this whole thing. I told her that I was making her some "hair" and that it could be Elsa or Rapunzel. The problem with this is that she pretends to have Rapunzel hair a lot. She does this by taking a Moby wrap, holding it behind her neck and then walking around the house while it trails behind her. 

Like this:

And this:

So once she heard that I was making Rapunzel hair, all of a sudden she didn't think the braid was long enough. It couldn't be Rapunzel hair because it wasn't even touching the floor! She didn't even want to leave the braid on, so disappointed was she. (Did I mention about the tantrums?)

So I tried it on. For demonstrative purposes only, and not because I wanted to pretend that I too had a giant blonde braid.

At this point, I took the leftover yarn and made June some real, long Rapunzel hair. I know, I'm encouraging the tantrums, spoiling, etc. I know. But I just...was going to throw away (or compost!!!) the extra yarn anyway, and...I don't have any other excuses. I just made her the stupid extra hair. I'm a terrible parent. 

I used the same process but this time wound the hair around the entire kitchen nook table and chairs. Snip and secure to another headband (from the ones I bought in bulk back when I made the tutu dress) and we were done. 

So that's how we came to have not one but two fake yarn hair pieces around the house. 

I obviously need to make a third one for Bennett.

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