Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bennett at 3 Months

This was the first month when Bennett's monthly photo shoot occurred on a day when he'd been at school. So after picking the kids up from daycare, we hurried home and  quickly took pictures while there was enough light and no spit up on anyone. (However the shoot did have to wait for June to change into a dress, as is the norm these days.)

Bennett always has his hands in his mouth these days. I'm sure it's just him 'finding' his hands, but it has certainly made him extra drooly these days. Sometimes he'll start chewing/sucking on my arm and before I know it I'll have be completely covered in slobber.

I feel like he looks so much like June at this age. But in this picture below, I think he looks just like his cousin Kai used to look.

Bennett started daycare this past month, which means we also stopped going to my Mommy and Me support/play group. I'm really going to miss it. It was offered through my medical provider, and there was a whole wave of us who had kids within 4 weeks of each other. So we could all compare what our babies were up to and really sympathize with the challenges.

Bennett rolled over for the first time just today! It was from belly to back, but he's also really close to rolling from back to belly. 

We try to give him lots of tummy time but he gets frustrated after about 5 minutes.

Right now Bennett still wakes up once or twice before 6 AM, when I bring him into bed with me. I nurse him in bed and he usually falls back asleep for an hour or so. I use that time to snooze a bit or get up and start getting June ready to go. He takes several naps throughout the day, but they're pretty short in duration and not at all regular right now. 

He loves kisses on his neck, making his legs pump back out and in and when we sing songs to him...especially the "Hello My Name is Bennett Man" song that Michael made up.

And I'll leave you with a picture that June wanted to take of the teddy bear:

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