Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Garden: One Month Later

It's been a month since I planted my garden and I thought I'd post some pictures of how it's doing. 

This is how it looked when it first was planted:

And this is how it looks now:

(Keep in mind the tomato plant got moved from the back left corner to the middle of the bed so it would receive more sunlight.)

One of the casualties of war was the basil plant. Snails got to it and chewed it up until it looked like swiss cheese. And those were the leaves that weren't completely chewed off.

And the red pepper plant got eaten entirely until only these two sad stalks remained. 

Both of these plants got pulled out and replaced with a cantaloupe and watermelon plant. 

I might have been suffering from newborn-sleep-deprivation, because I might have misread the label. You might imagine that my initial interpretation that these plants would only need 4-6 inches of room would set off some internal alarms, but no. They actually need 4-6 feet of space. Slight difference there.

But, good news, I read that you can grow them up onto a trellis! (But you have to make little hammocks for the melons - how hilarious is that?)

You might notice all of those pointy stakes shooting up out of the ground. I put those in to deter a neighborhood cat from using my garden as a litter box. Apparently cats don't like to have to maneuver around a lot of small, pokey obstacles, so I put them around the edible plants which he seemed to aim for. I don't really mind if he does his business down near the flowers.

I'm particularly excited about the strawberry plants, which have filled out a lot, though it might not be obvious from the pictures.



There are lots of little buds that should grow into strawberries if we're lucky! (Good luck to me in trying to keep the snails off of them...)

The one with the best growth is the tomato plant, which seems to have tripled in height. When I first bought the little support cage, I wondered if I'd even need it since I couldn't imagine the plant getting very big. Now I'm wondering if I should have gotten a bigger size cage!

It has little blossoms that will produce cherry tomatoes hopefully.

But I have to say that I take the most pride in the ones I grew from seeds. Along the back of the garden bed I planted two rows of American Giant Sunflowers and one row of marigolds.

Watching these pop out of the ground is so satisfying, especially the sunflowers which are already a foot high!

At first I planted 14 sunflower seeds and only 6 sprouted. I then went back and planted 8 more, of which 5 have come in. They might have quite the height discrepancy now, but I think once they all get going it won't matter as much.

The marigolds really came in like crazy. I have had to thin out the line twice now, so I get to play Ultimate Being and decide which ones make it through the cut. 

(There's also something growing back behind the garden bed. I've decided just to let it go and see what it becomes.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me! We're coming into hot temperatures and an increased risk of pests trying to get the literal fruits of my labor. 

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  1. Coffee grounds! Try putting that on your soil to deter slugs. Your garden is looking beautiful!