Monday, April 14, 2014

My Essential Baby Items

1. Moby Wrap
Cost = $45, though I made mine with fabric from Hobby Lobby for what equates to about $9.

It was my savior with June and it has lived up to the prescedent with Bennett. When he's fighting sleep, pop him in the Moby and he'll go down and stay down. At the grocery store or running errands, pop him in and don't worry about carrying the heavy car seat or securely fastening it into the shopping cart. Plus, since he loves to be held so much, I can Moby him around the house and have my hands free to fold laundry, chop carrots or use the restroom.


You can't really see him, but Bennett is tucked in the Moby with Michael on this family walk. // June in the Moby back in her tiny days!

2. Cloth Diapers
Cost = $10-15

But not for the reason you'd think. We use cloth diapers as burp cloths. They are made to be super absorbent and are able to withstand lots and lots of washing. Since Bennett is spitting up a lot these days, I have plenty of photographic evidence of these cloth diapers since he is never more than 3 feet away from one at any given moment.

3. Swaddle Pod
Cost = $10-15

One general piece of advice is to swaddle newborns. I tried swaddling June with swaddling blankets and it was a struggle. She would break out of the blankets and would end up hitting herself in the face and waking herself up. We used this Swaddle Pod and it was a game changer. It allows the baby to be swaddled, but also allows them some freedom to move their arms around. Both of my babies like(d) having their hands up near their faces, which was hard to get right with a blanket swaddle but was easy with the Swaddle Pod.

Another bonus - the zipper works from the bottom also, so I can leave the arms swaddled and get access to the legs to change the diaper. This keeps the baby from waking so much that they can't get back to sleep easily.

4. My Brest Friend
Cost = $30-35

I love this breast feeding pillow. I definitely recommend a breastfeeding pillow to anyone and everyone. Nursing is such a huge part of having a baby, especially during those first weeks and months.  Lots of time is spent nursing - sometimes time that is stressful due to problems with nursing - and that time should be as comfortable as possible. The Boppy Pillow is a fan favorite out there, but let me tell you why the My Brest Friend is my choice:

-  The foam of the pillow is firm, so it supports the baby's weight and position better.
-  It fastens around you. This means that you can stand up, reposition or walk around and it will stay in place around your waist.
-  It gives you some lower back support with the pillow part that goes around your back.

5. The coffee maker.

Michael had gotten pretty used to asking me if I wanted any coffee each morning. Near the end of my pregnancy, there would be some days when I'd have a cup of coffee and some days when I wouldn't. Well, after Bennett arrived, I said to Michael, "You don't need to ask me that anymore. The answer is 'Yes.' It will always be 'Yes.'"

You know how it is with baby sleep. They get up often. They have tiny tummies and their food source gets metabolized very quickly. Bennett just happens to grunt so loudly and so often that I once considered going out and sleeping on the play room carpet. (I was apparently so tired that I thought the carpet was a better choice than the couch?)

This about our coffee maker... Ours has the awesome option to make a full pot of coffee or a single serving. The single serving one was designed so you can put your thermos directly under it and it will brew the coffee straight into the thermos.

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  1. Thanks for this, Julie! It's always great to hear other moms' lists of must-haves.