Monday, April 7, 2014

June's Third Birthday Celebrations

On June's birthday, we had an early party (at 10:00 AM) to aim to be over by nap time and still leave our evening open for a little family celebration. It was so nice to have the stress over by 12:30 and have a relaxing night together, but it did mean that we were go-go-go from 7:30 wake-up until guests arrived at 10.

While Michael was getting ready and I was doing the last-minute food prep, we popped a DVD in. Not just any DVD, the Disneyland travel planner DVD! (Low in plot but high in seizure-inducing quick splices of color and movement.) I have to admit, I was pretty charmed by hearing her exclamations of "Belle! Mommy, I saw Bel- Ariel! Ariel, Mommy! Mickey! Nemo!"

Then we had a near meltdown since I didn't let June eat all of the cupcakes in that exact instant. We were saved by the arrival of some guests.

It was so cute seeing June play with her friends. I feel like I don't get to see her with her friends very often and I love to see how she lights up, how she gets so silly and just wants to scream and run through the house.

The party was at 10:00 AM, so we served some brunch-type things like bagels, french toast casserole and fruit salad. I loved this shot of the dads helping out all the little girls.

Then June opened up presents. She was such a lucky girl in that, although her extended family wasn't in town, she still received gifts from them, which certainly added to the excitement.

We had talked about the cupcakes leading up to her birthday. "You will sing Happy Birthday to me?" "Yes, June, we will." I talked to her about the rules of making wishes. 

But when the time came, she got super shy. During most of the Birthday Song, she sort of coyly buckled herself into her chair (which we had left undone thinking she was so eager for her big song). When it was over she didn't want to blow out the candles. 

(These pics are stills from a video, which is why they are so grainy:)

Eventually we had Michael help her blow out the candles so we didn't burn them all the way down to the icing. When I asked her about it later, she said she didn't want to blow them out because if she did "everyone would clap too loud."

She had no reservations at all about eating her cupcake, though. 

After cupcakes, the kids all played some more and then left in time for a nap. Once June woke up, she opened gifts from us and got to play with some of her new toys.

Then we watched Frozen on DVD. It was such a nice, relaxing evening at home and Michael got some good cuddles with June on the couch while I had Bennett in the Moby.

I think she had a really great birthday and was so sad to confirm for her that her birthday would be over the next day. It's alright. She's already talking about her next birthday.

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