Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Help from the 'In-Loves'

A few days after my mom's visit, my in-laws came in town to see June, meet Bennett and generally help out. June stayed home from daycare for two days to get some extra Grammy and Papaw Fred time. This included a pretty awesome painting session:

To be honest, the biggest help that we needed (and got!) was some extra love and attention for June. There were times when I was stationed on the couch feeding or holding Bennett, but June had her grandma and grandpa to take her to the park to get her wiggles/jumps/attempts-on-the-log-roll-thing out.

They also took June to dance class, helped out around the house and Judy made dinner basically every night she was here.

(June taking part in Grammy's physical therapy exercises.)

Which isn't to say that they didn't get some time holding our new little guy. 

Fred went back to Indianapolis after an extended weekend, but Judy stayed with us for almost two weeks!

Seriously, we can't say enough how much their help meant to us, and how much it helped make those weeks easier on us! I had such a feeling of impending doom as Judy's departure date approached. For the first time since Bennett was born (with the exception of a couple days), we were going to be on our own with the kids. I knew that we'd find our groove and figure out some routines, but I couldn't help but feel like we were about to dive into the deep end of parenting two.

(Spoiler alert: we're doing just fine. We've been doing great when we're two-on-two, and have even survived extended periods of one-on-two. June had to stay home from school for two days and we made it! I think we're going to make it, folks!)

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