Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Birthday June!

It's June's birthday today! She has been so excited...for months she has talked about how her birthday is coming up, and we were so glad when it actually came close enough to say "Yes it is!" She has waited impatiently for "April fiff" and it finally arrived!

June had a little party this morning with a few friends. It went great and I'll be sure to blog about it, but for now she is napping (we bribed...'Let's have a good nap and then we can watch Frozen later!') and Bennett's in the Moby with Michael, so I'm about as footloose and fancy free as possible these days. (I shall celebrate by eating my second bagel of the day and looking through old pictures of June and sobbing.)

At three, June:

  • Moved up to the next classroom at school. 
  • Is fully potty trained during the day but wears a diaper at night.
  • Has the memory of an elephant. Every once in a while she'll say something that really makes Michael and me pause, like "You sang that song to me when I was a little baby" when Michael hadn't sung the particular song in 6 months or more.
  • Is a bit of a picky eater. She's the first kid I've met that doesn't like pizza.
  • If she's alone at the park, she'll play by herself. She sometimes runs around with her arms outstretched while singing songs. When she has a friend, she follows her friend around everywhere, giggling and squealing.
  • Takes a nap most days, but won't on others. At home she will normally at least stay in her room singing and playing, which is okay with me since Mommy still loves that time of the day too.
  • Loves her little brother, wants to give him endless kisses and is bothered when he's sleeping and she's not allowed to go see him.
  • Is really testing the limits. She's a sweet girl and we love her to death, but whoo-wee does she know how to throw a tantrum.
  • Favorite colors: purple and pink
  • Favorite foods: macaroni and cheese
  • Wants to be a princess when she grows up.

0                                         //                                     1

2                                       //                                   3

We love this little girl so much.

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