Friday, April 25, 2014

First Easter Foursome

This was our first Easter as a family of four! It was also our first Easter without any other family present...we have spent all of the recent ones in Phoenix with my parents, and my "in-loves" have even been present for the past two. 

We missed having a bigger family affair, but tried to make this one special and ended up really enjoying ourselves. 

First order of business was finding baskets. June and Bennett were so lucky because their grandparents had sent some gifts too, so they had more than one basket to look for. (Thanks Vivi, Papa, Grammy and Papaw Fred!)

As was a trend this year, June helped Bennett find his.

Then it was time for the egg hunt! We kept on the family tradition that my parents started by having one color of eggs for June and one for Bennett. I think this is nice since it ensures that the littler kid doesn't end up with no eggs.

I'm sure we'll eventually open it up to a free-for-all (including the traditional Grand Prize Egg) so June and Bennett can recreate the cut-throat years that JP and I had. We'll just wait until Bennett is, you know, mobile.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants in midtown, Zocalo. Michael saved Easter by finding my ring sling, which I've been looking for for months. I wasn't super eager to wear the big black Moby with my nice light dress.

They had their own Easter Bunny there. After the incident at the mall, I was a little worried about how June would react. At one point the Bunny noticed June staring and made his way over. I'm pretty sure my internal dialog was saying "OH GOD OH GOD HERE IT COMES" waiting for the freak out. She did originally clam up, but eventually warmed to him when he handed her an Easter egg. I think it helped that we were outside on the patio and he approached her through the big open windows of the restaurant. She even gave him a high-five!

There was also a Mariachi band! I couldn't believe all the bells and whistles Zocalo had set up! Once again, June was a little overwhelmed at first. She wanted to sit on Michael's lap and snuggle (which he LOVED, I could tell) but eventually she was dancing in the aisles.

It was such a nice holiday.

I love this family portrait. (We don't have many of them.) June is modeling her bunny ears and Bennett is awake and happy (look how chubby his face looks! I love him and his cheeks).

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