Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fairytale Town Egg-Stravaganza

Happy Easter, everyone!

Yesterday (Saturday), we went to a place in town called Fairytale Town. It's a small park with little attractions honoring different fairy tales, with slides and variously themed climbing structures. We'd been there once when a book festival was going on, and I read about them doing special Easter things over the weekend. So we packed up the kids and headed on over to enjoy the awesome weather outside!

I might have gotten a little out of control when I saw this photo opp of our darling offspring. I present to you roughly 2% of the pictures I took.

Those are carrot sticks that June is lovingly clinging to. She insisted on holding them all the way to "the fun place" even though we said it would be a better use of time to eat them in the car. At least we finally got her to put them into a plastic bag.

Eating her carrot sticks on a bench in the park while we watched the other kids play on a Little Engine that Could play toy.

Then it was time for the egg hunt. First we had to stop at the nearly-abandoned "Bunny Bag" station to make something in which to hold her eggs. (A word on why it was abandoned in a moment.)

Then she was ready for the Hunt!

I give you this next photo in GIANT size to show off one sad fact. You see, I knew that it was the "Egg-Stravaganza Day" at Fairytale Town and that there would be Easter things going on, including an egg hunt. I guess I just didn't really think about needing to bring our own Easter baskets. I mean, surely there wouldn't be that many eggs, so June could just hold them in her hands? I'm not even sure that I gave much thought to it at all in the hectic scramble that is Getting Out of the House these days.

So I present this photo to you, with June picking up eggs and putting them into her little brown bag...while every single other kid in the shot had their own fancy baskets. Seriously it seemed like maybe two other people in the park didn't have baskets because EVERYONE ELSE had thought to bring them.

But, as Michael pointed out, look how delighted June was. Not once did she mention baskets or bags at all. She just happily and somewhat shyly picked up some eggs.

The kids were told - over the loudspeaker - to only pick up one egg, you see. So I told June to get only one egg, and the dear thing did just that. Then stood around watching as all of the other kids hoarded TONS of eggs into their baskets. I told her she should get one more egg for Bennett. She came back with a pink egg and said it was for me. I saw a kid walk past with no less than twenty eggs in his basket, so I said (in not so many words), "SCREW IT, JUNE, GO NUTS! RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"

The funny thing is that even after she was released from inhibition, she still only daintily picked up 6 eggs or so. Thank goodness she was in the 0-3 age group egg hunt, otherwise the ruffians in the 7-12 group might have taken all the eggs before she got even one.

New favorite picture of all time. Just wish Michael could have been in it (he was the photographer).

This outing was after a full dance class (she started doing Tap also), so she conked out exactly 30 seconds after getting in the car.

And, if I could, one small note on a marriage. 

You know you've landed in a compatible marriage when one person stops to get gasoline when both kids have fallen asleep in the backseat, and tells the other person to jump out and get two scoops of ice cream from the local ice creamery across the street. And upon returning to the car with cones, the first says to the other, "You know if she wakes up you have to immediately throw that out the window." And you drive home in conspiratory silence, eating your ice cream, tensing at every sound that comes from the back seat, whispering about how to get the kids into their beds to keep them napping once you get home. 

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