Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg Dying

We dyed eggs for the first time on Friday. 

We bought one of those little kits you see everywhere, but this one had glitter and sequins in it. I nearly had a heart attack the entire time since June kept grabbing the cups of dye and I had visions of everything in the near vicinity getting permanently stained. 

(Please ignore June's sweatiness. We had just finished playing outside after picking her up from daycare, where she normally gets pretty grubby.)

And Bennett was there, of course, but as usual, he was in "the Mobes" (as we call it) at the time. Poor guy, almost all of the pictures of him at this age are from him in the Moby. At least in this one you can see more than the corner of his sleeping eye.

I did have to document his outfit in another picture later since it was so cute/funny. This little tractor man outfit was a hand-me-down from a friend.

We let the eggs dry overnight and June got to see (and feel) the finished product the next day at breakfast.

After which she wanted to play with Bennett.

I thought this one was funny due to the perfect placement of the picture of the baby's face.

Today, when Bennett was crying some in this little seat, June picked up the pacifier, walked over and gently put it in his mouth. She held it there until he was able to get a good suction and hold it in himself. Sometimes when he's crying in the car, she's taken to muttering little reassuring phrases at him, ones she's heard me say. Like, "We're almost home, it's alright. You're not alone over there, Mommy's here. Junebug's here! It's okay!"

She's such a sweet big sister.

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