Sunday, April 6, 2014

Benny Bear

This little bear outfit was one of the first baby things I bought for Bennett. I was about halfway through my pregnancy and knew that February in Sacramento could get pretty chilly, but mostly I got it because...furriness. And bear ears. And the little tail stump. 

Well, it was April first before I got around to putting him in it, and it was a very lovely 60 degrees and sunny out, but I had to get some pictures before he grew out of it!

(These pictures are a combo of iPhone and camera pictures, so excuse their variation and/or lack of focus.)

These are the things one fills their morning with when they are on maternity leave and their other child is still in daycare.

I love these baby smiles!

We've been scheduling and rescheduling official newborn pictures, but I was glad to get some of these amateur photos in now when we were home alone.

Somehow I feel like less of a stage mom than when an actual photographer is present and I'm still making my ridiculous sounds trying to elicit a smile or eye contact.

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