Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bennett at 2 Months

Bennett is two months old today! We did our little photo shoot, and once again June wiggled her way into some of the shots.

Bennett at two months.... Well, he's a very sweet little guy. He got some vaccinations at his two month appointment on Wednesday and was a little fussy for a day or two after that. He hardly napped for longer than 30 minutes during those days, but miraculously slept 7 and 8 hour stretches those nights! Now he has continued his schedule of not really napping, but he is back to waking up a few times in the night again. So we're still figuring out the sleep situation.

We did move him to his own crib! (We had been putting this off for a few reasons. One is that his room shares a wall with June and we didn't want either of them waking the other one up. The guest bedroom - where he had been - was also slightly closer to our room for those mid-night feedings.) It's nice having him there and feeling like we can all now settle into our permanent spots, if that makes any sense.

We're doing lots of tummy time, and he's getting pretty good at holding his whole head up off the ground. He gets frustrated, though, so sometimes I trick him by putting him across my legs and he seems to forget to get mad.

He smiles a lot. Whenever he sees me, Michael or June. Whenever we smile at him. When we say his name. 

Since he's been napping less, he spends a lot of time just hanging out awake. I try to get him used to being on the ground (as opposed to in my arms or in the Moby) since he'll be going to daycare near the end of the month.

He likes to suck on his fist when he gets tired and hungry. When it's not time to nurse, I try to encourage the pacifier. I know that some people don't regard the pacifier as a good practice, but it was such a saving grace with June (to calm her in public when there was nothing else we could do) and it's definitely an easier habit to break than thumb-sucking.

Not much to note other than that. He's just my little buddy. 'The Bubby.' My little dude. We hang out and make noises and faces and do a lot of bouncing.

And lastly, a recap of the months before.

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  1. Oh my gosh, my heart is melting!!! Bennett is adorable. I love his smile! Wow! What a difference between newborn, 1 month old, and 2 months old!!! I love the picture of June with Ben and the bear. So sweet. I love you all.