Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week #2 Updates

It's Sunday afternoon and we have remembered to adjust our clocks for daylight savings. After living in Arizona for so long (where they don't observe daylight savings), it's going to take a while to get used to it again.

We took June and Bennett to a park this morning. June got to play on her favorite playground and Bennett and I walked around the perimeter of the greater park area (he was in the Moby wrap) to try to avoid all the germs from the kids.

Now June is singing loudly in her room (she's supposed to be napping, but more and more these days she spends most of the time doing anything but napping) and Bennett is napping on my chest (still in the Moby) and I have a chance to blog.

Things are going pretty well so far.

I made a lactation consultant appointment last week. Bennett's been eating really well (almost too well, to be honest, since he wants to nurse every hour and a half or so) and has had plenty of wet and dirty diapers, which is how the gauge if your baby is getting enough. The problem was that nursing was so very painful, my nipples were bleeding and his frequent need to nurse was not helping things. So I made an appointment more for my own comfort than out of worry about his getting enough.

The appointment was fine. The consultant told me that there was no issue with our 'technique' and that it was likely a result of how Bennett was latching. He seems to chomp down and chew with his gums instead of covering his bottom gums with his tongue like he's supposed to. She gave us some little exercises to try to "suck train" him, but it has already started feeling better. It might be because my milk came in and Bennett's not trying so hard to get the less-plentiful colostrum out.

Bennett had gained so much weight since his 2-day checkup (which had only been a few days before) that she was quite certain her scale was wrong, and then asked if I was supplementing with formula or anything. I told her that the only change was that my milk came in and that I was pretty sure I produced buttermilk.

Sleeping at night is going okay. I actually think we're pretty lucky even if I still feel exhausted in the mornings. Bennett is sleeping in a Pack 'N Play in our room for the time being. He normally goes down for about four hours and then wakes up every 1.5-2 hours after that. Since feedings (complete with diaper change) normally take around a half an hour, this leads to pretty disrupted sleep for me. However, I consider myself lucky because he really does just go back to sleep after a feeding. I remember with June having many early nights where she just didn't go back to sleep, so we would do all sorts of things to get her down, including putting her in the Moby and/or taking her on little walks around our neighborhood. I'm sure we have plenty of nights like that in store for us, so I'm consciously deciding to be grateful for what we have now. Even when he wakes up to nurse after only being put down an hour before.

The worst thing so far is that he got an eye infection. I feel pretty terrible about it. He's been on meds for two days now and it looks all cleared up but we'll continue with the med schedule for a few more days.

He's such a beautiful, sweet little guy. He makes adorable cooing sounds, smiles in his sleep and stares at us with serious little expressions. Sometimes I can't believe that we have another whole person in our family...he's such a little bundle, and yet he's a whole person with a whole personality. We love him so much already and can't wait to see who he becomes!

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