Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vivi's Visit

My mom came out to visit on February 16th. Since my due date was the 19th, I was a little nervous that the baby might make an arrival before she did. Of course, my silly worry/optimism was unfounded and the baby came late, which meant that Mom was here for over a week before Bennett came on the 27th. 

In the meantime, Mom hung out with me at home during the day while I worked. She helped make meals, took June to and from daycare and helped with cleaning around the house.

Of course, don't think that it was all work and no play. I think Mom might have had as much fun at the playground with June as June did. 

Mom and I also took June to dance class and out to lunch afterward.

We also filled up a weekend with activities, like going to the zoo and riding on the carousel. 

On the night/morning that the baby arrived, Mom was home with June. She also helped give June some personal attention once the baby was here. One of my greatest worries was how June would adjust to having the baby around - mostly because of how much time and attention he would pull from her. I remembered the hours spent nursing her on the couch when she was first born and knew I wouldn't be able to devote as much time to her as I had before Bennett arrived.

(Shout out to my dad ['Papa'] for being "the heater" on which Bennett took several naps and who was the griller extraordinaire for dinner one night.)

For example, Michael and I used to split bedtime routines. We'd divvy up who did teeth brushing and getting into jammies. Then the other person would usually read a couple of books and snuggle for a bit before finally saying goodnight. In the first week after Bennett arrived, I wasn't able to take any of those responsibilities and Michael or my mom did them all.

My mom left on March 7th - in time to celebrate my birthday on the 3rd - and we were so sad to see her go!

 We had a weekend and a couple of weekdays on our own before Michael's parents arrived on the 12th. We were so glad to have some reinforcements on the way! (Stay tuned for the tales and some pictures from their visit!)

A huge 'THANK YOU' to my mom for the help she gave all of us before, during and after Bennett arrived! We love you and loved getting to spend time with Vivi!

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