Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Last Date Night

I came across some pictures from before Bennett arrived ... back when we only had one outside baby and the idea of me handling the kid(s) alone on a night that Michael worked late seemed like a manageable task.

While my mom was in town, when I was already past my due date, she offered to watch June so we could go out on one last date night.

I wasn't having real contractions yet, but I also wasn't super comfortable. Michael had to slow down his walk to stay with me whenever I got that internal feeling that things might not all stay in place.

We ate at a really cool restaurant downtown called Cafeteria 15L. It's right off the capitol mall/park area. Afterward we went to Rick's Dessert Diner, which serves only cakes and pies...but about a million different kinds of them. I had to sit sideways to fit in the only tiny booth that was free.

Mom and I also went out to lunch one afternoon two days before Bennett was born. We took a picture of what we knew to be my not-long-for-this-world baby belly afterward. Once Bennett made his arrival, we decided to take another shot, this time with him on the outside. Check it out:

February 25, 2014                                               March 5, 2014

What a difference a week makes, eh?

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