Saturday, March 29, 2014

June's Fairy Garden

When Grammy was in town, June got to open an early birthday gift! She was so pleasantly surprised to finally have someone validate her birthday feelings.

See, she's been telling us that her birthday is almost here since Christmas. And ever since my birthday when I started receiving cards in the mail, she's been checking our old-fashioned mail slot saying, "Maybe there is birthday mail for me for my birthday" every day.

So anyway, the impatient girl got to have some early birthday love.

Grammy got June the items to make her own fairy garden! This worked out perfectly since we had just put in the "big garden" and now June had her own little spot to play with.

In addition to little furniture for the fairy garden, Grammy bought some tiny flowers in June's favorite color (purple - but also white, which was a direct request from June) to plant.

I love this one of the two of them:

The finished product:

June's favorite thing to do so far is to water her flowers with her little watering can and to fill up the bird bath.

What a lucky girl!

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  1. Julie Jules: I know that there are several folks out there like me....who don't often comment on your blogs, but who check the website faithfully in the hopes that there might be a new one from you today. Your style is wonderful, so please don't stop.....your photos and approach to life with your family and children (and of course, my grandchildren) is so refreshing and love-filled. We love you.....Anonymous Dad