Wednesday, March 5, 2014

June Meets Bennett!

Bennett was born at about 9:40 am. Since we had had no sleep, we decided to take a little nap once we got settled into our post-partem room. It worked out well - we got settled, Bennett was sleeping off his exciting entrance to the world, and we could squeeze in a nap just in time for June to be picked up from school for a visit. 

June was so excited about everything. She immediately walked over to where she could see Bennett, got lifted up onto the bed, gave Bennett a head rub and then asked who the juice box on the table was for. (Priorities.)

After being told that it was Mommy's juice, she wanted to hold Bennett. 

You guys. You guys. That picture might be my favorite thing on the planet. 

She's such a gentle big sister. She wants to hold him "like a baby" and stroke his hair. Without any prompting, she leaned down and kissed her little brother so softly.

June brought a gift for Bennett, a teddy bear, which June has desperately wanted to play with in the days leading up to Bennett's birth.

Bennett also had a gift for June, which she wasted no time in opening.

We wanted to take some pictures, which resulted in this funny pose. Super casual, June!

Looking good, Mom!

June wanted to hold Bennett again before it was time to go.

And we got this first family portrait, my second favorite thing on the planet.

Since being home, June has maintained this routine. Noticing Bennett, wanting to hold him, kiss him and pat his hair, then getting distracted by other things and running off through the house. We're still making adjustments, trying to make some of our old routines work, but so far it's going well.

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  1. June's little hand holding Bennett's head..melts me! What a beautiful and precious family!