Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Garden Beginning

The other day, this:

Became this:

That's right, we finally put something in the awesome raised bed that lives nestled in the back of our yard. We've had visions of an awesome garden back there, but we wanted to wait until there was no more chance of frost to put a new crop in. That and, you know, the whole having a baby thing.

Speaking of, I have to give a huge shout-out to my mother-in-law, without whom I wouldn't have been able to get this done. She went with me to Home Depot to pick up supplies (and the plants) and watched/held Bennett while I worked outside in the yard.

The supervisory crew:

The garden currently has: strawberries, red bell pepper, cherry tomato, basil, thyme, sage and parsley. I also put in a couple of Gerber daisies, a generic daisy plant (which was purple, specifically for June) and some sunflowers and marigolds from seeds. (Those are planted in that seemingly empty section toward the back.) (Which looks a little funny now. It'll look even funnier later since I sort of bought the mammoth sunflowers that grow up to 16 feet high, and I sort of wasn't really considering just how high 16 feet really is.)

Actually, update: The red bell pepper plant is the first victim of pests. Two days after the plants went in, I noticed a couple of healthy leaves had fallen off the plant, one of which had been munched by something...my guess is a slug. The next day, the entire top part of the plant had fallen off...something had eaten straight through the stem/stalk. So now we just have a sad green stalk sticking up out of the ground.

RIP, Red Bell Pepper:

It takes a baby very secure in his masculinity to recline in a pink pumpkin seat. That or no awareness of gender norms. And zero control of where he gets set down.

I actually saved the planting of the purple flowers until June got home. She helped plant it and then helped water it.

Then the next day I looked through some Pinterest pins and decided to make some little garden labels. I think they're pretty cute.

 And so did June, apparently.

So now we see if we can keep any of these things alive (or whether I can even get some of these seeds to sprout) all while simultaneously trying to adjust to having little Ben around with no grandmas to help!

Wish us luck! (And wish some luck to those slugs too, as they have it coming.)

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