Friday, March 7, 2014

Coming Home!

Bennett slept for practically the entire 12 hours after birth (except for when I woke him up for feeding). This was the same as when June was born, except June was born in the evening, which made for a lovely, sleepy first night in the hospital. 

For Bennett, his sleepy time ended around 9 PM, at which time his internal clock said, "Welp, that was nice. Time to check out the world!" 

It didn't help that the nursing staff seemed to intentionally space out their visits. "3:00 AM Vitals check!" "4:00 AM dose of Motrin for Mommy!" "It's 5:00 AM, time to introduce the new nurses on duty!" Truly, the nurses were very nice and I absolutely understand the need for their practices, but couldn't we have scheduled these a little better? Merge some of these visits? This was one of the reasons we were so eager to be discharged as soon as possible the next day. 

In the morning, we went through all of the steps to be discharged. Hearing screening, newborn screening, meeting with the pediatrician, etc.

And then we were free to go! We put Bennett into his first real outfit and got him into his car seat.

We ended up arriving at home just as Mom was getting home from picking my dad up from the airport!

That night, we had a little party to welcome Bennett (and my dad!).

June was pretty excited about the cake.

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