Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bennett's First Real Bath

He'd had a few sponge baths - one at the hospital and a couple at home. But Bennett's umbilical cord finally fell off and then it was time for the first real bath.

June was a little confused since she has used his whale bathtub as a "boat" in which to go to "China" for the last few months...ever since we unpacked it and placed it in Bennett's nursery, where she commandeered it. But once we told her that she could help with the bath, she was not as disappointed that she wasn't allowed to "go to China" at that moment.

It went pretty well, I'd say. There was some fussing but he was generally happy. We tried to keep him warm by placing a warm wash cloth on his belly and saving his head for last to wash.

June wanted to help, and did help. She's so sweet with her little brother!

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