Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's Due

Well, it's my due date today.

Sort of. My original due date was February 22 but it was moved to the 19th after an ultrasound. I really tried to tell everyone the 22nd throughout the pregnancy because I figured I might go late again and it might help manage the expectations (and comments!).

But now the official due date is here and of course I'm feeling impatient and anxious.

My mom is in town, thank goodness. Mom came in on the 16th and I was definitely holding my breath until then, hoping the baby didn't come yet. She's been helping out with June and with stuff around the house. But it definitely feels like a waiting game.

I'm still working. From home, still, of course. This is one of the times that working from home is just the best. The idea of being back in an office and be this pregnant makes me so grateful for my sweatpants and house slippers and a bathroom a few steps away.

I've gotten to the point where nearly every conversation begins with "Baby here yet?" But on the plus side, we've also reached the point where, when people ask when I'm due and I tell them, they have a mild freakout. "Did you say tomorrow?!?!"

Because June's birth started so unconventionally (spontaneous water breaking, no contractions), I'm having a hard time picturing a birth that would start any other way. I hope things do progress naturally on their own, and that I have the awareness of my body to know that it actually is Go Time. 

(I sent this picture to a coworker after she requested photographic evidence to add to our office pool. Somehow I got boxed in for my own birthing pool and there's only about a 2 hour window of time in which I could possibly win it.)

(You might be surprised that I'm allowed to participate in the pool for my own birthing time. I offered to sit it out but my team said I'd be allowed in. One person suggested that I might schedule a c-setion at the exact moment that I guessed. I promised them that I wouldn't elect to have serious abdominal surgery to win $35. They seemed convinced.)

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  1. Can't wait to see photos of your little one. Good luck Jules, hope everything goes smoothly and that baby is happy and healthy!