Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainy Weekend with My Firstborn

This past weekend worked out well for me, even if most of Sacramento might not feel the same. It rained basically the whole weekend (much needed rain, too, considering the drought we've been in), which gave us a nice excuse to stay inside all weekend. And being that I turn 39 weeks pregnant on Wednesday, I wasn't feeling up for many strenuous outings anyway. (I'm feeling good in general, I just didn't really feel like going out.)

We did take June to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, which was adorable and fun. We got to meet some more young parents like us.

For the most part, though, we got little tasks done around the house that we've been meaning to...with the glow of a fire from the fireplace in the background the whole time.

I finished up another little art piece for the baby's room, started work on the crib skirt I'm making, made another Moby wrap. June ran around the house in her Belle dress while singing Ariel songs. I thought about June a lot this weekend, and how we might only have a couple more weekends with her before her little brother comes along. She can certainly be very challenging at this age, but I also really love paying attention to the little things she does that display her personality.

She loves singing and when she wants to know the words of a song, she will pay rapt attention to you. She'll stop what she's doing and STARE at my mouth while I sing the words. She sort of narrows her eyes and gets very still and just watches. Then she'll clarify if she doesn't understand.

"Let the storm rage on!" I'll sing from Frozen's "Let it Go."
"Ray John? John? You say 'John'?" she'll interrupt.

We've also been having the best little conversations before she goes to bed. After reading books, after turning out the lights, but before I've gotten the motivation to actually sit up and get off of her bed, we'll chat and chat and chat.

The other day she asked who got her a certain book because she saw that there was handwriting in the inside cover.

"Grammy and Papaw Fred," I said.
"Papaw Fred...Grammy...and Papaw Fred are..." she started.
"They're married."
"They just are. Because they love each other. Like Mommy and Daddy are married."
"One day when I get bigger and bigger, I have a friend and I be married."
"Yes, if you want to. Just make sure you pick someone who is sweet, who has a good soul like you."
"What if they are naughty?"
"...Well...I don't..."
"If they naughty, I say, 'NO NO! YOU STOP IT! YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!"
"...Oh? That's what you'll say?"
"Yeah. And then they stop. And I pick a different friend to be married with."

When I came out of the room, Michael was doing the dishes. "Who was June yelling at?" he asked me. And I had to explain that it was her naughty future spouse.

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  1. Julie, I love, love, love your posts! These are the precious moments that I/we miss by not being there but I/we are so thankful that you post them so we know those moments. June is so special and I'm sure Bennett will be just as adorable. Your family is about to grow by one more and I can't wait to welcome Bennett into the world. Love you SO much! Mom