Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nursery Tour!

I present to you our baby boy's nursery!

The view from the door - the crib with a little pine tree garland hanging above it. 

I feel like the one thing we're still missing is a big photo of our family in here. I think that a big old canvas of a portrait of our family (after the baby's born) would look good and fill the space to the right of the crib in the picture above.

Our glider and pine tree decal. That's the door to the little closet.

A close-up of some of the wall decor. The moose is Fred Jr. from this site, the bear I painted (more from this post) and the 'B' was just painted onto a raw cut of wood that I bought at Hobby Lobby for $4.

Our dresser/changing area. That's a little lantern that we hope to use as the 'dim light' when doing late night feedings and changings. I hope to get a little something else to put here to prop up the lantern, or somehow  add a little more pizzazz to the area. Of course, I'm sure it'd be better to leave it clear for the wipes dispenser, diaper cream and other random baby things.

I really love the map of the United States that we bought (from here) and have hanging above the changing pad. If this baby doesn't know the capitols by the time he's 6 months, I will consider myself a failure.

I have to say that the fish rug might be my favorite part, though.

Back when we first knew we were moving in this house, I started looking for rugs to cover the floors in some of the rooms. Knowing that we were going for the outdoorsy theme in the nursery, I instantly came across this fisherman rug on Craigslist and was IN. LOVE. I drove 40 minutes away (with June in the back seat) to fetch it. Now June calls it the "Fish Rug" and I love it. 

About his bedding...

As the room came together, I decided we really needed some bold green here. The room was feeling very brown and this was the place to bring color in. I searched and searched and searched for a crib sheet and crib skirt that was what I was envisioning and had zero luck. I must have looked at hundreds of options on Amazon, Google and Etsy. Everything was either pastel green, ridiculously expensive ($69 for a crib sheet?!) or just not right.

So I didn't make the crib skirt out of ambition or because I'm a great crafter (I'm actually a pretty lazy seamstress), I made it because it was the only way to get what I wanted. I used a tutorial online like this one for the crib sheet and this one for the skirt.

The skirt isn't really a full skirt, with one large piece of fabric that lays over the crib springs. It's three panels that hang along each side of the crib. I went this route not only because it seemed endlessly easier, but because of the function. Since each panel just ties onto the springs under the mattress, when you lower the crib setting to accomodate your older, climbing child, you can just move your panels up. They won't bunch and drag on the floor!

The ties I sewed into the panels:

So there you have it - our nursery about as done as it's going to get before our little boy joins us! Now I just need my little boy who I can rock and cuddle in that glider in the wee hours of the night!

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