Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Rug and a Horse and a Princess

Our house is full of hard wood floors and tiles - there's only one room that has carpet, which we are using as our master bedroom. 

Our home in Phoenix was almost all carpet, so we didn't have any area rugs to bring with us. Thinking about designs and colors and shopping for rugs has been a long, up-and-down process. The other day, during our daytime date, Michael and I finally bought a large shag rug for what we are going to use as a play room. This has been the first time in this house that we've had a big floor space where we can roll around and play on the floor without bruising our ankles!

I hope to post some better pictures of the room once a couple of other pieces of furniture get delivered, but for now, I just have to post some pictures that I took the other night. June and Michael were up to their normal wrestling and pretending to be horses routine. June was so affectionate that I just had to break out the camera and take some shots.

 (The scrapes on her nose...heartbreaking. She fell down on the blacktop at school during playtime outside, poor thing.)

June loves taking horse rides and feeding her horse "oats" and "treats," sometimes all at the same time.

She was not interested in riding side saddle, even with that gown on. Lady Mary Crawley would disapprove!

But she was interested in giving her loyal horse kisses.

Kisses of the nose-smooshing kind.

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