Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Polar Express

We really tried to make the Polar Express happen this year. First we looked at tickets here in Sacramento, but they had sold out in minutes. I started collecting ideas for making a homemade version. I then signed up for one in Phoenix during the days we'll be in town, then cancelled immediately upon realizing that the train left out of Williams, Arizona, which is an almost 3 hour drive away. No thanks.

So when we got a call from Michael's coworker that they had two tickets available to one of the Polar Express train times, we thought it was fate and jumped at the chance.

Two tickets...not three. So we had to pass June off as an under-two year old and have her as a lap baby.

It was actually perfect timing, since June's school just happened to have a Polar Express themed week last week where they read the book and did activities. So June was totally prepped to know the story and the gist behind the train ride.

The train ride itself lasted about an hour. They served us hot chocolate and cookies, played music and read the story over the intercom. They also had employees who came out and danced and pretended to be characters from the book/movie.

About 4 seconds after getting on board, we took a sip of our hot chocolate which was really just moderately warm and offered June a sip. She proceeded to spit it all out for being "too hot" and got chocolate all over her pajamas. Oh well. Who cares if all of our pictures thereafter show stained PJs?

When it was time for the train to slowly roll past Santa at the North Pole, June went into the seats across the aisle (the occupants of which were part of our group) so she could have a better view.

Unfortunately June was NOT as excited when Santa later burst into our train car right next to where she was located. She started screaming and asking for her Mommy instantly, it was the saddest thing. Which is why I felt bad for also thinking it was funny? I picked her up and an employee escorted us to another spot where we could sit without seeing the daunting Santa anymore.

After the train, our group of 8 adults and 6 small children went out to dinner downtown. It was likely the most fun we've had since we've been in town, getting a chance to socialize with others and do something different and watch June's excitement (Santa incident notwithstanding).

Now the question becomes "Do we dare try taking her to get a photo on Santa's lap?"

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