Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Holiday Program

Friday evening was June's holiday program at her new school. I was so excited because June's school in Phoenix didn't do anything like this to celebrate the holidays, so this was the first time we'd see June in a school event.

Unfortunately, being amateurs, we didn't know that you have to show up super early to secure even decent seats, so we were way in the back.

I had wondered if June would be overwhelmed at the crowd. I had visions of her crying and needing to be brought off, or even of her just being hidden in the group and use hardly being able to spot her.

Those were unwarranted worries. 

First of all, she was front and center, and stayed up on her knees the whole time. (She's in the red sweater below.)

As soon as the curtains opened, we could tell she was searching the crowd for us. She got SO excited when she finally spotted us. (Or, when she spotted Michael, I should say. I was away from Michael, rushing the stage with the rest of the parents trying to get pictures of the adorable kids.)

Also, she was the hammiest holiday ham that has ever hammed.

I'm not sure that she actually sang more than a line or two of any song, but she clapped enthusiastically after each and danced around a little. This little move cracked me up when she pulled her Santa hat down over her face:

Afterwards she gave us hugs then immediately asked to go get a treat off the treat table. 

It was all really sweet and an adorable part of this season! Maybe next year we'll actually get her to sing her songs on stage! (We have had truly moving renditions of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "Frosty the Snowman" at home.)

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