Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in the New House

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!

On Wednesday night, we packed up most of our essentials from the apartment and made a late commute over to the new house. I'm glad we did because we would have been doing it the next morning. Instead we spent the morning in our pajamas watching the Thanksgiving Parade!

So...confession time. I didn't cook a single thing on Thanksgiving.

Our pots and pans were still in boxes. Our stovetop is covered with random items from some box that we don't know where to put yet. And we desperately wanted to be in our new house on Thanksgiving (instead of the apartment), so we decided to make it happen in the easiest way possible.

Michael picked up everything except the turkey at Whole Foods, including sides and pie. I went to a barbecue place on Wednesday night and got two pounds of sliced smoked turkey. 

The prep consisted of putting these items in the oven at about 11:30 to heat up in time for  a noon lunch.

(That's sparkling pomegranate juice in the wine glasses, FYI. In a sign of solidarity, Michael had juice with me and waited 'til later to have a beer.)

It was so good, of course. June was not as excited about the culinary variety and ate: the marshmallows from the sweet potatoes and a roll. And a few bites of turkey.

We didn't leave the house all day and instead enjoyed our new house, unpacked some boxes and watched football and the parade. It was a little quiet as far as Thanksgiving normally go, without having family around, though we did manage to Skype. If we couldn't be with our families in person, it was a nice, low-key way for us to spend the day. Especially since it was our first full day in the new house!

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