Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spontaneous Pedal Boating

Blogging has been tough these past couple of weeks. I've been in Arizona since December 15th, and work kept me very busy that first week. Then the holidays arrived along with Michael, June and my in-laws, so there was plenty to keep me away from the keyboard. Now I have tons of things to post about but I only have my work computer to use, and I don't particularly want to upload my pictures to that. So I'll do what I can with the pictures I can add from my phone.
Now Michael's gone for Sacramento, and my parents are visiting Illinois family, so June and I have had a few days to ourselves. Yesterday morning I decided to take June down to Tempe Town Lake to spend the morning (with an ulterior motive of getting to try out the new Steak 'N Shake on Mill Ave) and asked JP and Kai if they'd like to join.
It turns out that there isn't much of a park for the kids to play on down near the water. We did, however, catch a glimpse of a bunch of rental pedal boats and made a spontaneous decision to rent one.
First order of business - stretch those hamstrings.
Second order of business - threaten young children with not going on the boat unless they put their safety vest on.
Third order of business - set sail. 

Also - pass under and then touch any and all bridges in the near vicinity.

And then, of course, the Steak 'N Shake.
It wasn't the full Steak 'N Shake experience, since it had a limited menu (no Chili Mac!) but it was still delicious. Burgers and fries and shakes all around, although one of our party had their milkshake taken away after refusing to eat lunch along with the chocolatey treat. (Won't say who, but it was the same person who tried to eat her ketchup by itself from her bare fingers.)

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