Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pregnancy Updates

With all of the exciting and time-consuming things going on these days, I feel like my ever-growing belly gets less and less attention. It's definitely a stark contrast to when I was pregnant with June, when the growing baby was a central focus in my life.

Last time around, I took pictures every week or two to document how big my belly was getting. This time around, I think I have a total of 3 pictures of myself since I started really showing.

Last time around, I was able to nap and rest as much as I needed. I'd come home from work and nap on the couch until Michael came home, I'd sleep as late as I wanted on the weekends. This time around, I have a toddler to chase around after work, who gets up around 7 on the weekends. And that's aside from the huge to-do list I have for things that need to get done.

Last time around, I knew down to the day how far along I was. This time, if someone asks me how far long I am, I have to think hard about it and usually say, "Uh...around...29-ish weeks... I think?"

So here are some updates...

We have picked our medical provider here in Sacramento. We're with a huge medical group/insurance situation that has midwives as an option. I have opted to go with the midwives and will likely be delivering with one of them at a hospital that's about 15-20 minutes away. (There are OB-GYNs on call if needed.)

The plan is to go without pain medication again if everything works out as planned. I have my HypnoBabies CDs, but I've only gotten around to listening to the positive affirmations one while I'm in the car.

My due date has been officially moved to February 19, but I sometimes still say the 22nd out of habit. But since June came (what felt like) so late last time, my general feelings are, "Meh, the baby will be here when he gets here."

I'm 29 weeks along and everything is normal at this time. Appointments have been pretty uneventful apart from the confusion that comes along with transferring medical care halfway through a pregnancy (paperwork, etc.). I have gotten the approval to travel for the holidays!

My morning (all day) sickness stuck with me through until almost 5 months, just like last time. I do think that it was a little better this time that it was carrying June. I haven't had any cravings and I hope I actually get to experience some this time! For now, I'm in the phase of pregnancy that I really love. I've stopped feeling sick all day and can now brush my teeth without gagging, but I'm not so big as to be hugely uncomfortable yet.

I can't believe that the baby will be here in just a couple of months!

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