Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moving Day

The day the movers brought all of our furniture to the new house was so exciting...and overwhelming.

At first I got excited with every new piece that they would bring in off the huge truck. Load after load after load of boxes later, I was thinking "Where did we get all this stuff?" and "Where are we going to put all of it?"

I nearly cried the first time I got to sit on our couch. The rental couch we had at the apartment was strangely shallow, meaning that as you sat, only about half of your thighs were supported by the cushions. I'm so used to being able to lay down across the couch, preferably against Michael while he gives me back tickles, and that was just no possible on this small rental couch. So when I first reclined back into our normal-depth couch, I whispered "Hello, Lover" and nearly died of happiness.

We were a little worried about June being under foot while the movers did their thing. She spent the first part of the morning eating snacks at the base of our kitchen table. After that was done, we opened a box in her room and let her have at it. It would be quiet for a while and I'd go peek in on her and find her reading alone in her room.

When the movers were done, we decided not to try to tackle anything right away. It was the following day that we came back and really tackled some of the boxes.

A lot of our rooms are mostly moved into right now, but we're far from being done. Our living room and kitchen are completely unpacked without a single box in them. The dining room has become the dumping ground of to all the boxes we aren't tackling yet, but hopefully we'll make some progress on that this weekend. 

We also still have plenty of furniture and rugs we need to buy to really make this place feel like home, so I hope we can get some of that accomplished before the holidays. I'll try to post some pictures once we get a little more settled!

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