Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Looking Christmassier Around Here

We started putting up Christmas lights on the house on Thanksgiving weekend and finalized some touches this past weekend.

I'm so excited at how many people in our neighborhood decorate for Christmas. There's one little street where you turn into our neighborhood that every single house has lights. Some of them are conservative and tasteful, some are bizarre and loud and silly, but all of them are just awesome.

There was an instant where we considered not having a Christmas tree this year. I'm leaving town on Sunday and will be in Phoenix through Christmas. Michael and June come out to Phoenix on the 20th, so they'll only be here a few more days than me. My parents' tree will be the one we tuck presents under, so we considered if we'd even use one enough to justify buying one.

Well, June and I made an impulse buy while we were out at Home Depot on Saturday. We walked over to the 3-5 foot trees were, priced at $20, and picked the tallest one we could find.

Michael had to borrow not one but two drills from different neighbors since I forgot to ask the tree sellers to drill a hole for our tree stand.

Drill #1

Drill #2

One small issue...

Our tree is the twistiest, least-straight tree ever.

We propped it up on a little table to give it some height. This also allows us to have our tree displayed  in our big window like so many other houses on the street. (From the outside you can't even tell that our tree is small!)

Then we put up the Christmas Village for good measure. June is very much in a "I want to help you!" phase, so she helped with ornaments and village breakables alike. I'm trying to let her play because she really is careful and gentle with everything. Of course, having said that, it's only a matter of time before some poor ceramic horse loses a leg.

Afterwards we went outside to view our work. (And check out the effect of the green light Michael placed.) 

One last thing - we had our first fire in the fireplace on Sunday while we trimmed the tree. It really set the mood! Now we just need some marshmallows!

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  1. We have the green light outside our front door too :) I may or may not have briefly thought a UFO was outside our house the first time I walked outside after the light was installed.