Monday, November 11, 2013

The DL on PT

June is mostly potty trained, y'all!

I say 'mostly' potty trained because we're still putting on diapers at night and for most naps, but she is officially good to go during the day. We're super proud and excited to see her not needing diapers during the day.

We originally got June a toddler potty a long time ago, which started a very up-and-down period of interest and general tolerance of the potty. We never wanted potty training to be a stressful experience, and with the move to Sacramento, new school, new apartment, new bed...well, we let her set the tone of how far to push it.

But...BUT. But potty training is the main thing needed before moving her into the next class up at school. And we don't want her to be limited by not being potty trained, especially since I already feel like she's developmentally ready for the next class up.

So we started having little talks about going in the potty, but nothing. No interest. When we took a trip to Arizona, my parents had a little chat with her, grandparent-a-grandchild. She revealed to them that maybe Rapunzel underwear might just tip the scales into Potty Training City. My mom bought a package of Rapunzel underwear for me to bring back to Sacramento as possibly the strangest, most utilitarian vacation gift imaginable.

She LOVED the underwear and wanted to wear them forever and always. She wanted to lay out all the pairs and delicately select which ones would grace her person that afternoon. Problem was, she wouldn't go. She'd just hold it...forever.  Which I worried wasn't really healthy, so I wasn't really sure we should be encouraging it.

I talked to her daycare teacher and she encouraged us to just dive into the potty training. Send her to school in her undies. June'd start going when she needed to on the potty, just like she saw some of the other kids doing. We had one day of holding it...and then the tides turned, so to speak. I picked her up from school the next day, June proudly told me that she'd gone on the potty, and proceeded to show me twice more that evening how well she could do it.

Now she's going like a pro, even telling us well in advance when she needs to go when we're out and about. We're dealing with the same challenges that all parents before us have experienced...wondering where the nearest potty is while we're out on a walk, wondering if she really has to go or if she's just bored at this restaurant, being terrified at the prospect of those icky park toilets where there are no actual toilet seats and everything is wet. So wet.

It's still a process, to be sure. Naps are hit-and-miss, and I'm sure that making it through the night will have its own timeline.

But there was a time when I was reading over potty training advice articles, wondering if it would be years before getting there. All the articles and tip lists came from families where moms were staying home with their kids and could keep their kids home naked all day. So we're glad, so glad and proud for June. Who is plenty proud herself, these days.

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  1. If i could wear Rapunzel underwear, no tellin' what i'd be able to do??!! :)