Sunday, November 10, 2013

San Fran Weekend

Last weekend we took a short trip into San Francisco. 

(Being so close to San Fran, Tahoe and wine country was one of the things that got us most excited about moving to Sacramento. But don't let true-blooded Sacramentans hear you say that! "You know there's tons of awesome things about Sac other than how close it is to other cool things!")

Door-to-door it took us under 90 minutes to get to our friends' house in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. 

We crossed the Bay Bridge on the way into town.

We went straight to Jacob and Allegra's house to see them and their little sweet one, Liana. I realize now that I took exactly zero pictures of them, so as a reminder, here's one from our last trip to SF in February:

The guys went out that night (the Sacramento Kings were playing the Golden State Warriors), and the girls stayed in with the babes until it was time for June and I to head on over to the hotel. 

In the room, June asked that I leave the light on a little when it was time for bed, which I took as an awesome opportunity to get some reading in. Of course June loved the excitement of being in the same room, so I was the constant recipient of such conversations as: "Hey Mommy. Hey Mommy?" "Yes?" "Flowers." (She was pointing at a stock painting of flowers on the hotel wall.) "Yes, Darling."

The next morning, Liana was napping, so our little family stopped at Dolores Park to kill time/energy while we waited. 

When the little one was up, we all headed down to the Embarcadero to hang out at the Ferry Building. We had lunch and walked around and bought sweets. 

And saw a crab.

June was tuckered out for her ride back to Sacramento. But not so tuckered out that she couldn't get her 'gloves' on first. (Those are her socks.)

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