Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sacramento Zoo

We went to the Sacramento Zoo recently. It's pretty small (maybe a quarter of the size of the Phoenix Zoo), but still a cute way to spend a morning. Especially with the weather being as nice as it is.

We went right at the height of leaf-change, so I was loving the colors.

June decided that she was only mildly interested in any animals and was much more interested in the randomly placed little "rides" around the park. So while June climbed all over this one, Michael and I got to relax on a bench while intermittently asking her to share with any other kids that came along.

Without a doubt the highlight was the carousel at the end.

She's been talking about it since and frequently asks us which animals we'll choose when we ride the carousel again. Maybe next time I'll throw her for a loop and choose the stationary sleigh. (As if anyone would ever choose the sleigh!)

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  1. So fun! I had no idea that Sacramento had such beautiful fall colors. Our leaves have all pretty much fallen here... I'm envious looking at your pictures!