Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween (Science?) Board

When a flyer came home with June asking for parent volunteers for the Halloween parade, I knew immediately that I was in. The flyer asked for us to bring treats for all 140 kids and to make a science board, which we could choose how to decorate. (They provided the board.)

At first I was all, "I have creative purpose again!" I was filled with excitement at the possibilities, but soon the pressure got to me. Science!? For toddlers!? Should I do the various states of water (vapor, ice, water), should I build a volcano? Too much, it all seemed too much. I finally decided to make a board devoted to spiders and thought I was so clever to incorporate something sort of related to Halloween. 

Well I showed up on Thursday with this, my board, and a bowl of store-bought candy.

The other moms...might have been more prepared.

First of all, not a single other person had any science whatsoever. They were all poster boards decorated with Halloween cutouts and various decor. One person had a 3-D diorama of some kind of Halloween town. One person had all of these dancing dolls who did little jigs to spooky tunes when you pushed their buttons. Most had these little baggies with homemade treats and sticker books and stamps.

And I was just thinking, "Okay, Moms, you win...THIS TIME." If I had known that "science" wasn't actually required on the science boards, I wouldn't have tried to squeeze in factoids, resulting in my mistake.

And I get it, full-scale animatronics are game. I'll keep that in mind when I show up next year with some kind of Halloween A.I.

Whatever. The kids (who were SO ADORABLE) walked by my table and really liked bopping my balloon spider on the face. "Why do spiders have such big butts?" one boy asked loudly. "Because that's where all his vital organs are!" I said. Still trying to make science happen, folks!


  1. I actually did not know that about spiders, I am glad that boy asked! A+ for completing the project according to instruction!