Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall Cookies and the Princess Helper

June and I made these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies the other day after I saw the recipe pop up on a blog I read.

Since we're in our little rental apartment, it maybe "furnished" but that does not mean complete. I went out and bought a baking sheet because the one tiny one that came in the kitchen wasn't going to cut it. I also had to buy flour, sugar and all the other ingredients. (Man. I miss my fully stocked kitchen. And spices. Just having spices.)

I was the measurer and June was the pourer. We were both the stirrers because June - despite being THRILLED to be stirring - only wanted to go as deep as the first half-inch.

Yes, she's wearing her Belle dress. She loves it and would not be swayed by my warnings that it might get dirty.

Just as Natalie said in her blog, the cookies didn't really re-shape during cooking, so they kind of turn out in these unfortunate looking lumps. (I actually find them rustic and charming, so there.)

June could hardly wait for them to cool off, which meant that we spent about three minutes sitting on the floor, blowing on our cookies waiting for them to not be molten.

She had to go to bed almost immediately after that, so she only got to sample one cookie that night. (I might or might not have given her one for a special breakfast treat the next day, though. Don't judge! It's the season for celebrating, y'all!)

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