Monday, October 7, 2013

The results are in, and...

It's a BOY!!!

That is, if you trust ultrasound technicians and their "professional experience." (She mentioned that the umbilical cord was also going down between his legs, so I was like, "How can you be sure you're not mistaking the cord for the penis?" But Michael insists that since this is technically "what she does for a living" and since she does this "day in and day out" that we can probably rely on her report.)

Already showing off his biceps:

Michael and I  are SO excited, you can imagine. I couldn't believe it at first, so we just stared and smiled and wondered. I kept searching the screen, trying to see a clear image with my own eyes. "Michael, can you believe it?" I said, then realized he was trying to block June from weaving her body into the cord of the blinds.

We brought June with us. We thought it'd be a great thing to do as a family, and I'm sure it would have been if June hadn't been at energy level 1000 with an Ornery Powerboost. She was all over the place, including climbing under the table my ultrasound was taking place on. Overall, it was probably the perfect statement about experiencing pregnancy the second time around with a toddler.

A boy! I can't believe we're having a boy! I'm so excited and keep thinking of little boy things, like khaki corduroy overalls. (Do boys wear khaki corduroy overalls?) (See! This is exactly why I'm also nervous. If we were having a girl, I'd feel like we were getting into something we already knew, but with a boy there are tons of new things we'll experience. Like diaper changing accidents. And circumcision. And children who are not naturally cautious.)

We are SO thrilled! June is...a little less so. She had her heart set on having a sister. At first she just said "No," when we told her that it was a boy. Now we've made a little progress and instead she just says that maybe we can name the baby "sister." I'm sure we'll get her to come around.

Baby boy! We can't wait to meet you!


  1. Congratulations you two! How wonderfully exciting!!

  2. You guys will be great parents to a little boy....and he will grow up with a 'third parent'.....that is, his big sis Junie who will be quite protective of her lil bro!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a week or so! Love, AD

  3. I am so excited for you! June will come around and boys are so much fun! Congrats!!