Friday, October 11, 2013

Pumpkin Pickers

Last weekend we took June to a pumpkin patch!

While I was driving around our little corner of Sacramento, I drove past a big farm that had signs advertising the pumpkin patch and the other little attractions they had. I made a vow to return and talked Michael into going on Sunday. 

Check out these gray pumpkins!

It's so fun that June is at an age where she actually enjoys things and understands the concept behind them. She's old enough to pose in those cheesy photo-op setups!

When we saw the corn maze entrance and the exit pretty close to each other, I figured we'd take a little trip inside and be out in minutes. That...did not happen.

June was so cute in the maze, talking about the corn and how she was following Mommy and how she wanted to go on the train later. Michael and kept her chatting while we secretly gave each other looks saying "Do you have ANY IDEA how to get out of here?"

This is happy Michael and June in the maze:

And this is Michael and June cutting their way through the corn field to escape the field once we finally got close enough to an outer edge to see light on the other side.

Corn Failure.

June did NOT want to go into the hay bale maze, and Michael and I weren't really keen on it either. She did allow her dad to help her climb the hay bale pyramid though.

We played, we ate, we took a hay ride. 

By the time it was time to pick out pumpkins, we were about ready to head home. So instead of taking a wagon out into the fields, we just selected from the pre-picked ones and called it a day.

Michael was so sweet. When I was explaining that we would each get our own pumpkin, Michael remembered to pick out a tiny little pumpkin for BabyShock.

June was so in love with hers that she wanted to hold it all the way home, then told us she wanted to take a nap with it.

Now our little pumpkin family sits outside our front door...except when June catches a wave of attachment and insists on bringing hers inside for cuddling.

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