Thursday, October 3, 2013

Neighborhood Hunting

At this point it's looking like we might sell our house in Arizona before we manage to find a place to move into in Sacramento. It's not that big of a deal, except our stuff will sit in storage for a bit while I go nuts wanting to have my own kitchen items back and wanting a place that feels like mine so I can put gourds and pumpkins around the place and actually feel like we're putting down roots.

We've been checking out neighborhoods in the Sacramento area. It's the same as most places - the closer you get in toward the city and where the 'action' is, the more expensive houses become. There are adorable little places downtown that were built in the 50's and have awesome charm, but they're tiny and expensive.

It seems like you have to compromise on something: location, size, charm or cost. I'm willing to compromise, but am I naive for wanting at least two of these things? Or three? Any chance we find one with all four, but despite not having the highest offer, I write a touching essay with illustrative graphs and move the current owners to accept us instead?

I'd love to live closer in to downtown Sacramento. There are lots of suburbs that are really lovely and have reputations for great schools, but they just seem so far away. I'd like to try the closer-to-everything life, especially since it'll mean a shorter commute for Michael.

Michael took us on a drive through an area called Land Park last weekend. Some of the higher-ups at his work live there and it's known for it's sprawling park, old charm and great schools. It nearly killed me dead.

Brick houses, vine-covered porticos, little cottages that come directly out of a fairy tale. Oh wonderful, a pack of adorable children playing on a rope swing over a perfectly manicured lawn. Oh great, an older couple watering their gorgeous flower garden together. Surprise! A large group of people laughing outside a house with a big banner that said, "Welcome Neighbors! Third Annual 2nd Avenue Potluck!" I WANT TO MAKE MEATBALLS AND BE ONE OF YOU PEOPLE.

Problem is that a 4 bedroom house in this area can easily go for $1million, which is not exactly our budget at this moment in time.  So instead we drove around while I groaned with appreciation and envy.

So the search continues.

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  1. Hang in there.....keep searching, and don't be in a real hurry!! Something will open up, just be ready to move quickly, and pay a bit more than Phoenix home prices! Love you all, AD